About Heidi & Intuition Co.


I’m proof that absolutely anyone can learn to develop their intuition and strengthen their sensitive nature.


After a successful career doing around 10,000 'Intuitive Readings' and featured on radio, and television I realised I have a knack for taking alternative topics and making them simple, practical and accessible to everyone. I started my journey self-taught, but that was the hard way! Now you can skip to the easy part, through my courses, and start using your intuition today!

Intuition Co. is also a Platinum Training Provider with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists, so you have piece of mind! I have combined courses from the Empath Alliance and the International Institute of Advanced Intuition, two of my online institutes, so you can find everything you need in one place!


Ready to access your intuition? There are three ways we can help. 

Live Virtual Classes

Some of our courses include live webinars taught by Heidi, to deepen your experience and knowledge of the content. These are usually for practitioner level courses.

At Home Study

Learn about all kinds of intuition, and 'Clair' skills, Empaths, sensitivity, meditation, readings and more through our easy to use on-line courses, that include videos, audios and work books.

Student Events

We offer our students the opportunity to attend live and on-line events to connect with other like-spirited people and to enjoy their journey of awakening.

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