Learning intuition should be heartfelt and fun. We take away the mystery and leave the joy. Discover what you're capable of.


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At the Intuition Co. we are passionate about all things intuition! Here you can learn to tap into your intuitive abilities for your own health and happiness, and you could work towards a professional qualification. All of our courses can be studied from wherever and whenever you choose. It's up to you!


I started crying, but they were tears of joy at finally knowing who I really am, and being ok with that. I’m 48 years old and always felt something was wrong with me, even though I’ve done lots of soul searching, it didn’t really resonate fully until listening to you explain it in this course!

Michelle, Sydney (Boot Camp for Empaths and HSP)

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Personal or Professional

We have courses from short, fun and informative, to in depth, advanced and association approved. From the beginner to practitioner, we have you covered.

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Health and Wellbeing

Intuition can be used to increase your health! We have courses that support intuitive eating, body acceptance and understanding your energetic anatomy.

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Highly Sensitive People

We offer a whole range of courses for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, including the Boot Camp for HSP and Empaths Self Mastery! We truly understand the sensitive soul.

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Our courses have been enjoyed by people from all over the world. Distance is no longer part of the equation.

Our courses contain videos, audios, workbooks and quizzes, with very real life, practical tips and activities, to ensure the content is accessible to every learning style. We are here to support you each step of the way and the best part is you gain instant access!


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"I had always felt that I had a purpose, but was unable to articulate it; leaving me feeling frustrated and ‘stuck’ in old patterns I couldn’t shift.

Through these courses, I finally recognised that being highly sensitive and intuitive is not a weakness; it is a strength, and in fact, an advantage. I was shown how to tap into my sensitivity, to work with it, not against it, and from there everything fell into place."



"This course has literally saved me, I really wish I had access to such a comprehensive guide when I was much younger. To finally feel like I have the tools available to handle my “sensitivities”, rather than struggling day in and day out and wondering what is wrong with me, to understanding how special my gifts actually are. To know how to nourish, protect and ground myself on a daily basis has made my life a richer experience. To feel centred and more connected, instead of anxious and out of control."